the genuine B.O.N.K.

Macadamia nut - meet the B.O.N.K. nut cracker.

The Macadamia is the toughest nut in the world to crack, but it's met its match with the B.O.N.K. Proudly manufactured in New Zealand for around 30 years, the B.O.N.K. cracker is simple to use, compact to store, and simply the best macadamia cracker you can buy.

It's not just for macadamias, either. Use B.O.N.K. for cracking any type of nut - except coconuts, they're a bit hard to fit in! The B.O.N.K. also makes a good grape or garlic press, and even doubles as a mini vice.

So don't go bonkers trying to crack your macadamias - get a B.O.N.K. today!

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